For thousands of years, flags have been used to symbolize a group’s identity and values. Whether they hold a long history or are a modern representation of new ideas, flags represent the ever-changing world we live in. Today flags are displayed in many contexts, including diplomatic ceremonies, sporting events, political rallies, and many other events.

No matter where they are flown, a flag must be created accurately, from durable materials and vibrant true colors. Embassy Flag is a trusted supplier of quality American-made world flags for all 193 UN member nations as well as for over two dozen non-UN member nation-states, territories, and international organizations.

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Flags of the World

International flags represent countries, states, provinces, territories, and much more. They are a visual representation of unity, identity, and pride. While each flag is unique, they all include several common elements, including colors, symbols, and other popular design elements.

  • Colors

    The colors featured on a flag are chosen for the specific meaning they symbolize, as well as regional, cultural, and historical significance. Typically, the color red indicates courage or revolution while white symbolizes peace or purity. Green can indicate fertility or nature, and blue freedom or loyalty. Certain nations specify their flag colors in their constitution. All flags must be produced according to their United Nations-specified Pantone color, to ensure accuracy.

  • Symbols

    A common element on many flags is one or more distinctive symbols that were created to convey a message. These symbols embody aspects of a country’s heritage, aspirations, and values. Some of the most commonly used symbols include stars, flowers, a national coat of arms, or a historical figure or religious icon.

  • Stripes

    Stripes are another common design element that carries symbolism. They vary in number, arrangement, and width and indicate a different meaning for each country. On many flags, stripes are included to symbolize the union between multiple regions, communities, or states. For example, on the United States flag, 13 horizontal stripes represent the original 13 colonies.

  • Stars

    Stars represent several concepts on flags, such as unity, divine guidance, hope, or the number of regions or states within the country. The number of them included and how they are arranged also hold significance. For example, the American flag originally featured only 13 stars, one for each colony, arranged in a circle to indicate that they were all equal. Now, the American flag includes 50 stars to represent each state.

Types of World Flags

World flags represent much more than the individual countries themselves. There are also flags for stages and regions, organizations, religions, and many other groups. Some flags have a very long history while others were created more recently to represent new movements. They are designed in various shapes and sizes and must always be made using durable materials and accurate colors.

In general, the most common types of world flags can be organized into three categories:

World Flags Supplied by Embassy Flag

Embassy Flag supplies flags for all 193 UN member nations as well as over two dozen non-UN member territories and nation-states. In addition, we provide flags for numerous international organizations, including the Organization of American States (OAS), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Red Cross, the United Nations, the European Union, and more.

For your convenience, you can view all of the flags we offer organized by category:

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Style Options for World Flags From Embassy Flag

Embassy Flag offers world flags in a variety of materials, sizes, and mounting styles. We offer options for both indoor and outdoor displays, in many sizes and pole options.

  • Outdoor &
    Indoor Flags

    Outdoor & Indoor Flags

    Our outdoor flags are made in America using durable nylon material and finished with a canvas heading and two brass grommets on the hoist side. There are two rows of stitching along the top and bottom sides as well as four rows of stitching on the fly side for reliable performance.

    Our indoor flags are also made in the USA and designed with a flannel-lined pole sleeve and a tab that attaches to a screw or hook at the top of a display flagpole. This tab stops the flag from sliding down the pole. Parade flags and indoor flags come with the option of a two-inch gold rayon fringe. These flags are made to order and require two weeks for production time.

  • Standard &
    Custom Sizes

    Standard & Custom Sizes

    The standard sizes for outdoor international flags are 2×3 feet, 3×5 feet, 4×6 feet, 5×8 feet, and 6×10 feet. We also offer larger custom sizes that are made-to-order. In addition, we stock international courtesy flags for boating purposes for many countries. These flags are 12×18 inches and come with two brass grommets. All flags are made in the USA from nylon.

    For indoor flags, we offer 3×5 feet and 4×6 feet sizes. 3×5-feet indoor flags are normally displayed on either 7-foot or 8-foot poles. 4×6-feet indoor flags are normally displayed on 9-foot poles.

  • Pole

    Pole Options

    There are several methods of attaching an outdoor flag to a flagpole, including flag snaps and a halyard (rope), or flag fasteners for smaller poles. We offer poles in polished hardwood and either gold or silver anodized aluminum. For indoor floor stands, we offer weighted ABS plastic or cast metal in brass, gilt, or chrome finishes. For parade poles, we offer brass and chrome metal finishes as well as ABS plastic.

The Importance of All World Flags

Flags are important symbols of a nation’s identity, beliefs, and values. Each one conveys unique messages that reflect a nation’s past and present. Flags are not only used to symbolize a nation’s pride, but are also important during international events, national holidays, and many other important occasions. Some of the most important roles that flags serve include:

World Flags Supplied by Embassy Flag

No matter what entity they represent, a flag must be produced with accurate colors and clear symbols and designs, from lasting materials. Embassy Flag represents the oldest and most trusted flag manufacturers in America. All of the products we carry have been crafted with pride in the USA and produced from durable materials for reliable performance. To find the product that’s right for your needs, request a quote or contact our team today.