Embassy Flag, Inc. is a reputable distributor of flags, including USA, government and military, international, commercial, and custom flags. As part of our offerings, we provide a wide range of USA-made military guidons (pronounced “guide on”) that can be customized to meet your particular needs.

What Is a Military Guidon Flag?

For more than a century, military guidons have been used in the United States Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, and Airforce to signify branch/corps affiliations, unit designations, or the title of the person carrying it. Military guidons are important because they represent the unit and its commanding officer. The unit leader’s guidon is displayed when he or she is in service and taken down when the commander leaves for the day.

The four main parts of military guidon displays include:

  • Banner
  • Staff
  • Ferrule
  • Ornament 

The Passing of the Military Guidon

The passing of the military guidon flag is a ceremony that goes back hundreds of years and signifies a crucial event. During this ceremony, the guidon bearer stands in front of four people in formation. Typically, the guidon bearer is the first sergeant or the unit’s senior enlisted member. At an appointed time, the guidon bearer gives the guidon to the outgoing commander, who presents it to the presiding officer while reciting the phrase ‘Sir/Madam, I relinquish command.’

A rapid hustle and change of positions occur as the presiding officer hands the guidon to the incoming commander, who passes it back to the guidon bearer while reciting the phrase ‘Sir/Madam, I accept command.’

U.S. Military Guidon Flags We Offer

Embassy Flag offers military guidon flags for the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and more.

Our military guidons come in the following regulation shapes and sizes:

  • U.S Army, Navy, Space Force, Air Force, and Coast Guard: 20 x 27-3/4, shallowtail shape with a 10 v-notch on the fly side
  • Marine Corps: 22 x 28, rectangular in shape 

All military guidon flags are custom-made in the United States using nylon fabric with numbers, insignia, and letter designations sewn onto both sides of the guidon. We also offer non-military, made-to-order options, including fire, police, and emergency service guidons customized to your specifications. These guidons typically follow military styles, shapes, and sizes, and they can be digitally printed or sewn.

In addition to the military guidons, we offer additional accessories, including military-style guidon staffs and floor stands with brass and chrome finishes and fittings.

Army Guidon Flags

Army guidon flags measure 20 inches at the house by 27-3/4 inches at the fly and have a swallowtail end forked 10 inches. They are made from nylon and feature an inner tab and pole sleeve. Army guidon flags can include numerical designations and unit letters. We also offer single-sided guidons for framing, available in standard or miniature (10 inches by 14 inches) sizes.

Our army guidon flags include:

  • Air Defense Artillery Army Guidon Flag
  • Armor Corp Army Guidon Flag
  • Aviation Army Guidon Flag
  • Cavalry Army Guidon Flag
  • Infantry Army Guidon Flag
  • Medical Army Guidon Flag
  • Military Police Army Guidon Flag
  • Transportation Army Guidon Flag
  • Adjutant General Army Guidon Flag
  • Army Branch Groups Army Guidon Flag
  • Army Support Army Guidon Flag
  • Chemical Corps Army Guidon Flag
  • Cyber Corps Army Guidon Flag
  • Civil Affairs Army Guidon Flag
  • Dental Corps Army Guidon Flag
  • Engineer Army Guidon Flag
  • Field Artillery Army Guidon Flag
  • Finance Corps Army Guidon Flag
  • Judge Advocate General Army Guidon Flag
  • Military Intelligence Army Guidon Flag
  • NCOA (National Change of Address System) (SSI Changes) Army Guidon Flag
  • Ordinance Army Guidon Flag
  • Ordinance-Maintenance Army Guidon Flag
  • Public Affairs Army Guidon Flag
  • Psychological Army Guidon Flag
  • Quartermaster Army Guidon Flag
  • Recruiting Army Guidon Flag
  • Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Army Guidon Flag
  • Senior Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Army Guidon Flag
  • Signal Corps Army Guidon Flag
  • Special Forces Army Guidon Flag
  • Veterinary Corps Army Guidon Flag
  • Unassigned Unit Army Guidon Flag with #’s
  • Warrant Officer Army Guidon Flag

Air Force Guidon Flags

Air force guidon flags measure 20 inches by 27-3/4 inches. The front features a golden yellow U.S. Eagle design that is sewn on or prints through the reverse side. There is a designation of the parent unit above the design and that of a squadron below it. Lettering and numerals are golden yellow, vary in width, and appear on the two sides of the military guidon.

Coast Guard Guidon Flags

Coast Guard guidon flags measures 20 inches by 27-3/4 inches. They typically feature the ship’s crest or unit emblem with specific number and letter designations

Marine Corps Guidon Flags

A Marine Corps guidon is a rectangle-shaped flag measuring 22 inches by 28 inches. It has a scarlet field, gold lettering, and an Eagle, a Globe, and an Anchor at the center. FMF or USMC lettering can be specified as well as number and letter unit designations.

Navy Flags

Navy guidon flags measure 20 inches by 27-3/4 inches. Navy guidon flags are dark blue and typically feature either a ship’s crest or the fouled anchor with letter and number designations.

Custom Guidon Flags

Custom guidon flags include those used by public first responders. These can be embroidered, appliqued, or digitally printed. Other custom guidons include those for Organizations, Institutions, Associations, DOD Contractors, Agencies, JROTC, and Military Academies.

Choose Embassy Flag, Inc.

Guidons play a significant role throughout the U.S. military, so it’s important to work with a distributor who can provide high-quality products. Embassy Flag, Inc. is small business certified and is a registered and fully compliant U.S. government contractor. Contact us for all your military guidon needs or request a quote to get started.