Embassy Flag is a registered and fully compliant US government contractor specializing in distributing commercial, international, USA, and custom flags. As part of our offerings, we can provide quality international organization flags for entities such as the UN, NATO, EU, WTO, and many more.

About International Organization Flags

International organization flags are common forms of representation for intergovernmental organizations that focus on global collaboration and cooperation on various issues. Organizations may use these flags during meetings, conferences, or official events to represent both the organization and its member countries.

Each international organization flag is unique and represents not only the organization and its member states, but also their respective values and goals.

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Types of International Organization Flags

At Embassy Flag, we offer several types of international organization flags, including:

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  • United Nations (UN) Flags. The UN flag features a light blue background containing the UN emblem in its center. The flag serves as a representation of the UN member states’ cooperation and unity in their efforts to overcome various global challenges.
  • National Flags. Sovereign nations use these flags to represent their identity and sovereignty, with designs consisting of unique symbols, patterns, and colors that hold significant meaning to their respective countries.
  • European Union (EU) Flags. The EU flag consists of a blue field with a circle of 12 gold stars, each of which represents EU member countries’ collective harmony, solidarity, and equality.
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Flags. The flag for NATO contains a white compass rose emblem against a dark blue background, with four white lines extending from each cardinal direction. The circle represents unity among NATO’s member states, while the blue background represents the Atlantic Ocean. The compass rose in the center represents NATO’s goal of seeking peace. This flag was adopted on October 14, 1953, three years after NATO’s inception.
  • Organization of American States (OAS) Flags. The OAS flag is one of the organization’s official symbols. The flag features a light blue field, in the center of which is the OAS emblem. The flag was adopted in 1965 and has been amended numerous times as new members have joined the organization.
  • Red Cross Flags. This flag contains a red cross in the center of a white field. It’s the international symbol of humanitarian aid and represents the Red Cross movement’s impartiality and neutrality.
  • African Union (AU) Flags. The AU adopted this flag on January 31, 2010. It contains a white sun in the center of a dark green background. Each ray of the sun points in the direction of a gold star, with each star representing an AU member state. While the flag initially had 53 stars when it was first adopted, it now includes 55 after South Sudan and Morocco joined the AU in 2011 and 2017, respectively.

These are just a few examples of international organization flags. There are several others that represent various international organizations, each of which includes its own unique symbolism and design.

Popular Made-to-Order International Organization Flags

Embassy Flag can also customize most international organization flags based on your specific size requirements, artwork, or material preferences. Some of the most popular made-to-order international organization flags include:

  • World Trade Organization (WTO). This flag contains a dark blue field with the WTO emblem in white. The emblem comprises a vertical globe made of six curved lines that symbolize global trade integration.
  • World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO flag features the organization’s emblem in the center of a blue field. The flag symbolizes the organization’s goal of promoting global health and coordinating efforts to mitigate and respond to health crises.
  • World Bank. This flag consists of the organization’s emblem in white on a light blue background. The emblem features a globe with two olive branches to symbolize prosperity and development.

International Organization Flags from Embassy Flag

International organization flags play a key role in representing an organization’s values, goals, and members. At Embassy Flag, we can deliver various types of international organization flags made with quality materials to ensure optimal longevity. For more information about our selection of international flags, or to get started on a custom solution, contact us or request a quote today.