American Made USA Flags

Embassy Flag offers United States flags that are 100% made in America by Annin Flag, Eder Flag Mfg., and Valley Forge Flag Co. These flags are constructed with textiles that are woven in the US from American-made nylon and polyester threads.

Our USA flag producers are all members of the Flag Manufacturers Association of America (FMAA), and we’re proud to be an FMAA Certified Retailer. Every flag features an FMAA “Certified Made in the USA” seal to illustrate that each step in the manufacturing process was completed using domestic materials in US facilities with American labor.

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Types of American Flags

Embassy Flag offers a wide range of American-made USA flags, including:

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United States Flags

Outdoor American Flags

Our selection of outdoor nylon and outdoor polyester American flags includes:

  • Extreme Size USA Flags. Our extra-large USA flags are available in 40 ft x 70 ft, 40 ft x 75 ft, and 50 ft x 80 ft in both nylon and woven polyester.
  • U.S. Government Specification Outdoor Flags. Available in cotton and nylon materials, these flags are made in adherence to Federal Specification DDD-F-416F and Title 4 US Code. They feature a hoist-to-fly ratio of 1:1.9, sewn stripes, embroidered stars, heavy canvas duck heading, and #2 rolled rim, solid brass toothed grommets.
  • Garrison Flags (Army, Navy, Marines). Available in the standard 20 ft x 38 ft size, military garrison flags are displayed on Sundays, special flag-flying holidays, and regional celebrations, in place of regular post flags.
  • Post Flags. We supply post flags to meet government specifications for military posts, including 8 ft 11 3/8 in x 17 ft nylon post flags for Army and Air Force posts, as well as 10 ft x 19 ft nylon or woven polyester flags for Navy Ensign and Marine Corps posts.
  • Storm Flags. Our nylon 5 ft x 9.5 ft storm flags meet military size requirements for flying in inclement weather.
  • Internment/Burial/Casket Flags. These flags are draped over the casket or accompany the urn of a deceased veteran who served in the US armed forces. The internment flag is typically given to the next-of-kin as a keepsake after the funeral. We offer both cotton and nylon casket/internment flags with dimensions of 5 ft x 9.5 ft. Our cotton burial flags are not suitable for regular outdoor display.
  • Boat Flags. We supply smaller USA outdoor flags for boats. They are available in 12 ft x 18 ft, 16 ft x 24 ft, 20 ft x 30 ft, and 24 ft x 36 ft in nylon materials. Embroidered stars and sewn stripes are available from Annin Flag only – the rest are printed nylon.

Indoor American Flags

Our indoor American flags include:

  • Parade Nylon American Flags. Our USA nylon parade flags by Annin Flag are available in sizes ranging from 2 ft x 3 ft to 5 ft x 8 ft. They feature vibrant colors and high gloss, densely embroidered stars, and lock-stitched hand-sewn hems and stripes. Each flag is finished with a flannel-lined pole sleeve, inner sleeve tab, and optional gold rayon fringe.
  • Parade Rayon American Flags. Our rayon parade flags are made from Bemberg rayon and feature larger embroidered stars, sewn stripes, a flannel-lined pole sleeve with a leather inner tab, and gold rayon fringe. These high-quality US indoor display and parade flags are available in 3 ft x 4 ft, 3 ft x 5 ft, 4 ft 4 in. x 5 ft 6 in., and 3 ft x 5 ft 3/8 in.

Indoor Flag Mounting Sets for American Flags

Our indoor flag mounting sets include:

  • Complete Indoor Flag Mounting Set w/ Eagle. This set includes a USA nylon flag with embroidered stars, sewn stripes, a flannel-lined pole sleeve, and gold rayon fringe. It comes with a two-piece polished oak pole with a brass screw joint and a styrene gold eagle ornament. It also includes gold cords and tassels, as well as a Liberty-style floor stand with a glossy finish. Multiple sizes and finishes are available, including federal government and auditorium sizes.
  • Signature Mahogany Indoor Display Poles, Floor Stands, and Sets. We offer high-quality 8 ft. hardwood poles with a polished mahogany finish and polished brass fittings. Options include an embroidered US flag with eagle ornaments, gold rayon fringe, and cord and tassel sets. Mahogany floor stands are available in single, double, and triple hole configurations.

American Flags Variations

American Flag Materials

USA flags from Embassy Flag are made with the following materials:

  • 200 Denier Nylon. This is the longest-wearing nylon flag material available, designed for daily outdoor use. These flags dry quickly and fly easily.
  • 2-Ply Open Weave Polyester. This material is heavier, making it an ideal option for flags flown in high-wind areas.
  • Heavyweight Outdoor Mercerized Cotton. These flags are meant for hanging on indoor walls or for occasional use. They are not recommended for regular outdoor use.

Construction details for outdoor flags may also vary, depending on their size. Stripes are generally sewn on flags that are 3 ft x 5 ft or larger. Embroidered stars are included on flags from 3 ft x 5 ft to 12 ft x 18 ft. Appliqued stars are included on flag sizes of 15 ft x 25 ft and over.

Color Brightness for American Flags

We guarantee colorfastness for nylon and woven polyester United States flags for one full year.

American Flag Sizes

The construction of outdoor USA flag headings and fly-ends depends on the size of the flag:

USA Outdoor Flag Heading Construction

  • Up to 6 ft x 10 ft: Come with a canvas heading and two brass grommets
  • 8 ft x 12 ft and larger: Supplied with rope stitched into the canvas heading with metal thimble ends
  • 10 ft x 15 ft and larger: Have at least one additional grommet in addition to the sewn-in roped heading
  • 15 ft x 25 ft and larger: Feature an extra-heavy 3/8 in. rope in the heading, as well as a minimum of three grommets (with up to seven grommets on 30 ft x 50 ft and 30 ft x 60 ft flags)

USA Outdoor Flag Fly-End Construction

  • Up to 6 ft x 10 ft: Four rows of stitching is standard
  • 8 ft x 12 ft and larger: Finished with a minimum of six rows of fly-end stitching
  • 10 ft x 15 ft and larger: Include triangular corner patches on the heading and back-tacked stitching on every fly-end stripe
  • 15 ft x 25 ft and larger: Have additional fly-end corner patches on the back of each flag to protect exposed hems

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As an FMAA Certified Retailer, we at Embassy Flag are committed to offering top-quality American-made USA flags. For more information about our product offerings, contact us or request a quote today.