U.S. military flag streamers are a way for specific branches to commemorate campaigns, unit distinctions, and foreign awards. Embassy Flags Incorporated proudly offers over 300 military flag streamers for every major branch of the military.

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The History of Military Flag Streamers

Military streamers, also known as battle streamers, have been in use for centuries. They were commonly used by knights of Europe to display what campaigns they participated in.

Battle streamers made their way across the Atlantic in 1920 when they were first adopted by the U.S. Army. Other branches also adopted the use of flag streamers to display a particular campaign, achievement, or event. Battle streamers are generally thin bands, about 1-3 inches in width, that are attached to a headpiece or assigned flag. The length of the stream ranges from 2-4 feet.

There are three types of streamers used in the U.S. military:

  • Campaign Streamers
  • Unit Decoration Streamers
  • War Service Streamers

U.S. Military Flag Streamers We Offer

We proudly offer over 300 streamers for every major branch of the U.S. military, including the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, and Marine Corps. They are available in multiple sizes for use in various applications:

  • 2 ft military streamers: for display with Guidons
  • 3 ft military streamers: for display with Organizational Flags
  • 4 ft military streamers: for display with U.S. Ceremonial Flags

Our military flag streamers are made with rayon fabric and can be embroidered with the name and date of a particular theater of war, military campaign, or particular battle. The streamer’s colors are chosen accordingly and often match a ribbon bar or associated campaign medal.

Army Battle Streamers (190 Streamers, Also 3-Feet Sets)

The 187 military streamers attached to the Army Flag staff memorialize campaigns fought by the Army throughout our nation’s history. Army military streamers span from the Revolutionary War all the way up to campaigns in Afghanistan. The concept of campaign streamers began in the civil war era but was discontinued in 1890. They were reintroduced in 1920 for operations during World War I.

At Embassy Flag, we offer the following U.S. military streamers for the Army:

Air Force Battle Streamers (114 Streamers)

The United States Air Force started using streamers in 1956, about 9 years after its founding. The earliest U.S. Air Force streamer commemorates service provided by the 1st Aero Squadron during conflicts with Mexican rebels in 1916 and 1917. The most recent military streamer commemorates the Afghanistan campaign.

Our Air Force battle streamers include:

Coast Guard Battle Streamers (43 Streamers)

The Coast Guard adopted the use of battle streamers on August 4th, 1968, the anniversary of the Coast Guard’s founding. Like other branches, Coast Guard battle streamers include the branch’s first military engagement, which involved conflicts with French warships during the Quasi-War.

Embassy Flag offers the following Coast Guard battle streamers:

Marine Corps Battle Streamers

The Marine Corps adopted the use of battle streamers in 1939. Campaign streamers include every campaign the Marines participated in since our nation’s founding. This includes lesser-known campaigns, such as the Barbary War, Operations Against West Indian Pirates, and the China Relief Expedition.

Our Marine Corps battle streamers include:

Navy Battle Streamers

The Navy was the last major branch to adopt the use of battle streamers in 1971. The Navy was involved in over 200 campaigns, although only 36 have been commemorated with battle streamers. There are four navy military streamers for World War II alone (American Theater, Pacific Theater, European Theater, Victory).

Embassy Flag offers the following military streamers for the Navy:

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