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Fiberglass Nautical Flagpoles

Yardarm Location Print Version (PDF)

All yardarms should be located approximately one-third the distance from the top of the flagpole as indicated in table below.

Pole size

Yardarm size

Distance from pole top

20 feet*

25 feet
30 feet
35 feet
40 feet

6 ft

6.5 ft
7.5 ft
8.5 ft
10 ft

6.5 ft

8 ft
10 ft
11.5 ft
13.5 ft

* Fiberglass yardarms can be installed on any of the fiberglass flagpoles, except for the 20-foot poles which are slightly modified to allow for the use of a yardarm. DO NOT INSTALL a yardarm on a 20-foot pole which has not been specifically manufactured for this purpose.

Nautical flagpole yardarm assembly  detail

Yardarm Assembly / Installation
The yardarm kit includes 2 cleats with inserts and screws, 2 halyards, all mounting hardware and instructions.

The yardarm is supplied with gasket material which is already glued inside each bracket. The gasket must not be removed as it prevents the yardarm from twisting around the pole.

It is recommended that the yardarm be installed while the pole is laying flat on the ground or work surface.

Step 1: Position front bracket and spar under the pole at appropriate distance from the top
Step 2: Position back bracket on top of the pole, aligned with front bracket
Step 3: insert stainless steel bolt through the holes in the front bracket and through the holes in the back bracket; then insert over each bolt a lock washer and a nut.
Step 4: Tighten the nuts until the lock washer is compressed. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. The yardarm will be firmly held in place by the gasket material and the tightening of the bolts and nuts.
Step 5: Install cap nuts onto the ends of the bolt threads.
Step 6: Attach all halyards (ropes) to pulley assemblies and allow the halyards to hang freely.

Your nautical flagpole is now ready for installation.

Please refer to the instructions which have been supplied with your pole’s accessories.

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