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Custom military flags for regiments, brigades, and military units offered in single or multipe prints, appliqued & sewn styles
for outdoor use with heading & grommets, and indoor / parade use with pole sleeve and fringe.
Printed flags are produced on 200 denier nylon or dacron; 210 denier nylon or 250 denier woven polyester for high wind conditions.
Stitched / sewn flags are produced with 200 denier nylon.
We can produce any unit flag. Email your art for a quote or call USA toll free 800-798-5431.

Formal Colors
Formal Colors
Air Force Guidons
Air Force Guidons
Army Guidons
Army Guidons
Marines, Navy Coast Guard guidons
Other Guiodns
Other Guidons

Ft. Bliss, Ready First
custom printed 3x5 ft flag

Ready First Ft. Bliss
4th BCT Airborne, 25th Infantry
3x4 ft printed flag
4th BCT Airborne flag
First Special Forces
custom unit flag, printed nylon

1st Special Forces custom unit flag
101st Airborne Pathfinder
custom printed flag

101st Airborne Pathfinder custom flag
10th Mountain Division, Ft Drum
custom sewn outdoor unit flag
10th Mountain Division custom unit flag
10th Mountain Ranger Pathfinder
custom flag 3x5 printed
Army Ranger Pathfinder flag
Marine Corps Raiders
- custom printed flag
Marine Corps Raiders flag
Marine Corps Raiders
Historic WWII version flag
Historic WWII Marine Raiders flag
Marine Corps Raiders
- custom version 2 flag
Marine Corps Raiders flag, black

The Marine Raiders term and insignia has been authorized for MARSOC Marines (Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command), continuing the legacy of the original Marine Raiders from Pacific Theater of WWII 1942-1944. The five stars represent the Southern Cross constellation, the night sky in the Southern Pacific. See Marine Corps Times for more.

The MARSOC flag is available in the red/white/blue version, white on black and the historic yellow background. Sewn / appliquéd versions of this flag are also available.

Marine Corps Air Wing Skid Kids flags are produced for the HMLA community. Please call 800-798-5431 or email for availability.

Marine Corps Skid Kids
Custom USMC Air Wing flag
Marine Corps Skid Kids flags\
11th Marines, Cannon Cockers
Camp Pendleton,
3x5 ft custom print
11th Marines custom flag
MARSOC / Marine Raiders
custom sewn indoor flag
MARSOC stitched flag
1st BCT 1st Infantry Special Troops
Ft. Riley, digital print outdoor flag
1st BCT 1st Infantry battalion flag
75th Army Ranger Regiment
3x5 ft printed outdoor flag
75th Army Ranger outdoor flag
75th Army Ranger Regiment
3x5 ft printed formal colors
75th Ranger regimental flag
75th Army Ranger Regiment
1st BN, 3x5 ft printed flag
Army Ranger 1st BN flag
75th Army Ranger Regiment
2nd BN, 3x5 ft printed flag
Army Ranger 2nd BN flag
75th Army Ranger Regiment
3rd BN, 3x5 ft printed flag
Custom Army Ranger 3rd BN flag
173rd Support Battalion / Airborne
custom printed flag
173rd SB Airborne custom flag
109th Aviation ANG
Iowa National Guard custom print
109th Aviation printed colors
UK MOD Joint Force Command
custom printed flag
UK Joint Force Command flag

Navy Submarine Qualification Flags
Officer & Enlisted Dolphin

Gold Dolphin, Silver Dolphin, 19"x24"

Submarine Warfare Gold Dolphin flag
Submarine Warfare Silver Dolphin flag
Naval Facilities Eng. - Port Hueneme
printed emblem, stitched lettering, 5x8 ft
Custom US Navy flag
U.S. Navy Fighting Black Lions
custom printed flag
Navy Fighting Black Lions
11th Signal Brigade
Ft Hood, custom sewn / stitched flag
11th Signal Brigade, custom sewn flag
ISAF - NATO, Afghanistan
3x5 ft.indoor flag w/fringe
ISAF flag
NATO / Afghanistan Police
3x5 ft indoor flag w/fringe

Afghanistan Police custom flag
Brigade flag - 1058 MEK, Ft. Benning
Army Rangers custom insignia 3x4ft.
Custom Army Rangers flag
203rd Brigade Support Battalion, Ft. Benning
4x6 ft. double side print
Custom Brigade Flag
2/69th Armor Division, Ft. Benning
4x6 ft. double side print
Custom Brigade Flag
Joint Forces, Eglin AFB Flag
digital print with fringe
Custom Unit Flag
Army Meddac, Japan
custom print, double side indoor flag

Army Meddac Japan flag
101st Airborne Sustainment
custom printed flag
101st Airborne Sustainment Brigade
7th AMU Holloman AFB
3x5 ft printed
Custom Brigade and Regiment flags
8th AMU Holloman AFB
3x5 ft printed
Custom Military flags
Joint Detention Group, Guantanamo
custom outdoor flag, digital print

Joint Detention Group Flag
Missile Defense
3x4 ft appliqued flag
Missle Defense unit flag
3/158th Army Air Aviation
3x4 ft printed
Army Air flag
3/158th Army Air Storm Riders
2x3 ft printed
Army Air Flag
2nd Armored Division
Hell on Wheels, printed / historic flag
3rd Armored Division
Spearhead, printed nylon flag

3rd Armored Division flag
Airborne Screaming Eagles
custom military flag 3x5 printed
Custom Airborne flag
58th Infantry Regiment, Patriots
Ft Benning, custom printed flag

58th Infantry Regiment
2/30th Infantry (3rd Mountain) Ft Polk
custom printed flag
2/30th Infantry flag
7th Brigade, Ft. Knox USACC
printed 6x10 ft. outdoor flag
Ft. Knox USACC printed flag
1st Army HQ, Rock Island Arsenal
custom printed unit flag
1st Army HQ flag
1st Infantry Division, 2nd Brigade
Special Troops BN printed flag

1st Infantry 2nd Special Troops Battalion flag
12th Infantry Regiment, 2nd BN
custom printed colors

12th Infantry printed colors
3rd Infantry Regiment "Old Guard"
4th Battalion, Ft Myer, printed flag
3rd Infantry, Old Guard custom flag
162nd Infantry Brigade, Ft Polk
printed outdoor unit flag

162nd Infantry unit flag
192nd Engineer Battalion
Connecticut National Guard flag

192nd Engineer Battalion printed colors
2nd BN, 28th Infantry Black Lions
printed historic unit flag
3nd Battalion 28th Infantry flag
24th Infantry Division
printed unit flag (Ft Benning, inactive)
Army 24th Infantry unit flag
New York Marine Cadets
3x5 ft. printed
Custom NY Marine Cadets Flag
546th MP, Ft Stewart (FOB Kalsu, Iraq)
Military Police Flag, digital print
Custom Regimental Flag
162nd Aviation Co., Vultures
(Helicopter, Vietnam) custom unit flag

162nd Army Aviation
640th Aviation Support Battalion
3x5 ft. printed

640th ASB unit flag



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