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Guidons for Military Contractors, National Guard, Police Departments, Fire Departments, other Military Units
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Police Department Guidons, Fire Department Guidons, Police and Fire Academy Guidons
Public Safety Department Guidons
Florida Highway Patrol
Embroidered Guidon

Florida Highway Patrol, Troop G guidon
Florida Highway Patrol Recruits
Embroidered Guidon

Florida Highway Patrol guidon
California State Parks
Printed Guidon
California State Parks guidon

Design considerations for your new custom guidon.
In most cases, less is more, or more is not necessarily better. Remember, that a guidon is only 20 inches tall by 27 ¾” long. Too many details simply get lost on that size canvas. A simple design will typically be more identifiable and have more impact than a design packed with insignias and details. Regulation military guidons are usually of simple design, and very identifiable. The whole point of having a unit guidon is to symbolize identity. We’ll let you be the judge. Review the custom guidons we’ve produced for various police, fire fighter, ROTC academies, military support, guard units, defense contractors and more.

Alameda Fire Dept.
Custom Printed Guidon
Alameda Fire Dept Guidon
Long Beach Search & Rescue
Embroidered Guidon
Long Beach Search & rescue guidon
Florida Fire & Rescue
Printed Guidon
Florida Fire Dept guidon
San Francisco FD Academy
Academy Guidon, Digital print
Fire Academy Guidon
Police Academy, Missouri
Sewn Guidon
Police Academy guidon
Gallup Police Department
Digital Print Guidon
Gallup Guidon
Embroidered Guidon
LAPD guidon
Custom New Jersey Police
Sewn Guidon
Custom Police Guidon
Custom Police Guidon
Spotswood, NJ

Police Guidon
Los Angeles FD Academy
Academy Guidon, Digital print
Los Angeles Fire Dept. guidon
Custom Fire Academy Guidon
Sequoias College
Fire Academy Guidon
Police Academy Guidon
Santa Rosa JC
Santa Rosa JC Police Academy
Medford OR Fire Dept
Academy Guidon, Digital print

Medford, OR fire dept guidon
Medford OR Fire Dept
Academy Guidon, reverse side

Medford FD guidon, reverse side
Covington LA Fire
Fire Fighters Assoc. guidon
Covington Fire Fighters guidon
Los Angeles Police Dept.
Digital print guidon with fringe

LAPD Guidon

Joint Command Guidons - Defense Contractor Guidons
National Guard Guidons - ROTC Guidons

Custom OCS National Guard
appliquéd guidon
Custom National Guard Guidon
OSU Army National Guard
Digital Print Guidon
Ohio State Univ. National Guard Guidon
CHS Medical, Iraq
printed guidon, side 1 CHS Medical guidon
CHS Medical
printed guidon, side 2 CHS Medical, Iraq
Army National Guard
Louisiana, Warrior Training
Army National Guard Guidon
Joint Contracting Guidon
Custom Guidon
DOD Special Rep - Japan
custom printed guidon
DOD guidon, Japan Special Rep
Air Force Junior ROTC Guidon
Single side reverse digital print
Air Force ROTC Guidon
Custom Guidon, printed
Southern Command
SOUTHCOMM, commander's guidon
Military Entrance Process Command
MEPCOMM printed guidon MEPCOMM guidon
Custom ROTC, Florida AMU
Digital print guidon
ROTC Military Guidon
BRCC Baghdad Guidon
Digital print
BRCC Guidon
Mental Health Directorate
Digital print guidon
Mental Health Custom Guidon
Marion Military Institute
ROTC Guidon
Marion Alabama custom ROTC guidon
ROTC Guidon, Hofstra Univ.
Custom Guidon
Hofstra University ROTC
Joint Detention Unit - GTMO
Custom Guidon
Custom Joint Unit Guidon
305th Operations Support
McGuire AFB, NJ
Custom Guidon
Military History Guidon
Southern California
Military History guidon
CACI Guidon Afghanistan
Custom printed
CACI Custom Guidon
ROTC Guidon UVA Cavaliers
Custom printed
ROTC UVA Cavaliers
Pershing Rifles, A-8
Custom printed

Pershing Rifles guidon, CCNY
ROTC Guidon E. Tennessee
Custom printed

Eastern Tennesee ROTC guidon
ROTC Guidon West Virginia
Custom printed
West Virgiinia University ROTC guidon
National Guard - Markmanship
Digital Print Guidon
National Guard Guidon
N. Carolina Motor Vehicles
Inspector Academy guidon

North Carolina Motor Vehicle Inspectors guidon
Legionnaires OCS
printed guidon

Legionnaire's OCS guidon
2/327th Infantry Guidon
Task Force Bastogne
Custom Ammo Guidon
Devil Pups Parade Guidon
Custom sewn
Devil Pups parade guidon

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