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Spinning poles should not be used with flags heavier than nylon or larger than 3x5 feet. Flags should not be flown in extreme wind conditions.

If the ornament is not on the pole or if you wish to change the ornament

  • Securely grasp the 3-inch metal rod that protrudes from the bottom of the top half of the pole.
  • Screw the ornament onto the top of the pole as far as it will go, being careful not to cross thread or over tighten.

To assemble top and bottom of pole together

  • Locate dimple in open end of lower section
  • Slide 3-inch plastic rod that protrudes from the top section into the bottom section, lining up L-shaped groove with dimple in bottom section.
  • Press two sections of pole against each other until flush. CAUTION: Do not jam pole sections together
  • Securely grasp the ornament on the top half of the pole with one hand and the bottom section of pole with the other hand and GENTLY turn bottom section so that it slides into the L-shaped groove. Be careful not to over tighten.
  • The two sections of the pole should now be locked and the top half of pole should spin freely.

To Mount Traditional Style Flag (heading and 2 grommets) on Pole

  • Remove set -screws from flag fasteners, slip first fastener up bottom of flagpole and position just below swivel clip. Note: Swivel clip and snap hooks are not used with traditional style flag.
  • Position opening in fastener under the top grommet of flag.
  • Replace set- screw in fastener through grommet of flag thereby holding flag snug against pole.
  • Repeat with lower grommet.

To Disassemble Spinning Pole

  • Hold ornament firmly in one hand and bottom section of pole in the other hand.
  • Line up dimple on bottom section of pole with arrow on joint.
  • Gently pull sections apart. The two sections should come apart easily.
  • Do not use force. If top and bottom do not separate easily, repeat step 1 and turn pole slightly in either direction while pulling gently

To Mount Flagpole to Building

  • Mount bracket to building with screws supplied.
  • Adjust bracket to desired angle and tighten wing nut to secure.
  • Insert pole into bracket.
  • Hand-tighten set screw to secure pole (for adjustable brackets only).

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