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Residential Flagpole Installation Instructions - Assembly
Slide sections of flagpole together with swaged ends extending upwards into next section. The top section will always be the unswaged section; middle sections will always be the undrilled swaged sections; and bottom section will always be the swaged section drilled for the cleat. Attach the cleat, using the self-tapping screws supplied.

Screw the ball-stem tightly into top of truck, using a wrench to tighten jam-nut against the truck. Thread the rope halyard over pulley in truck, and tie each flagsnap into place about mid-rope, using a simple overhand knot. Fasten truck to pole, using an Allen-head wrench to tighten setscrews. Make certain that pulley in truck is aligned over cleat.

If optional flash collar is supplied, slide collar on bottom of pole and temporarily tape it to the pole below the cleat. Slide bottom of assembled sections into PVC setting tube, aligning truck and cleat in the desired direction. Drop collar down upon foundation, and caulk it into place. Adjust distance between flagsnaps to fit the size flag being flown. Attach flag to flagsnaps, tie off halyard on cleat.

Residential Flagpole Installation - Groundset Installation

Three methods are depicted:
Alternate "A"
Alternate "B"

Residential Flagpole Installation Instructions - Concrete footing RECOMMENDED:
Prepare a hole in the ground 24" in diameter, and 24" deep. Fill bottom with gravel and sand to a depth of 6" to 8". Place PVC setting tube into hole, and work the bottom into the sand. Temporarily insert bottom section of pole into the tube to plumb it; brace tube, then pour concrete into hole around tube to within 1" to 1-1/2" of top. Be careful to keep inside of tube clean, and free of concrete. Re-plumb setting tube before concrete sets up, allow concrete to cure at least 24 hours before flagpole installation.
Pre-cast concrete form ALTERNATE A:
When concrete is not available at the installation site, you can use a large plastic wastebasket or pail as a concrete form. In this way you can cast the concrete foundation in one location, and then move it to the job site for final installation. The wastebasket or pail should be 15" to18" deep, and at least 18" in diameter. If you decide to leave the form in place around the concrete when installing the foundation, be sure to cut an opening in the bottom of the plastic so that the butt of the flagpole can contact the sand. When you place the pre-cast foundation into the hole, work it well into the sand before back-filling. All back-fill must be firmly tamped, layer by layer.
Footing using  soil backfill ALTERNATE B:
When it is not practical to use a concrete foundation, you will find that an 8" diameter hole cut into firm soil with a post-hole digger will work Just as well. After the hole is dug, carefully plumb the setting tube before tamping back-fill into the hole. All back-fill must be firmly tamped and compressed, layer by layer.

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