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Hardware for military guidons: poles, staffs, ornaments, finials, replacement bottom ferrules, flagpole & guidon bases / stands, streamer holders.

Military Guidon Staffs & Military Guidon Flagpole Stands
Hardwood jointed pole - light ash finish. Brass or chrome army spear & pointed bottom ferrules
Flagpoles on this page ship at best UPS rates. Please select large package shipping on your order page. All pole bases ship at large package UPS rates based on total gross weight. Please Note: freight varies. Ships at standard UPS ground or USPostal / APO rates. Your shipping cost will be adjusted accordingly.

7' x 1 1/4" staff w/ 7" spear
chrome - $168.00

8' x 1 1/4" staff w/ 7" spear
brass - $157.30
chrome - $199.10

9' x 1 5/32" staff w/ 8 1/2" spear
brass - $170.10
chrome - $233.40

Replacement Bottom Ferrule Only
Brass - $53.50 / Chrome - $62.90

Guidon Staffs
Military Guidon Staff
Staffs sold complete
Bottom ferrule - chrome
Guidon Staff
Military Guidon Staffs
Staffs sold complete
Screw joint - chrome
Guidon Staffs
Military Guidon Staff
Staffs sold complete
Army spear - chrome
Guidon Flagpole Stand
- cast metal, rope edge finish, 17lbs
- complete with guidon pole adaptor to work with guidon pole ferrules
Silver painted

Special Guidon Stand / Pole Base
- 2 piece cast iron, mirror finish chrome plated, 32lbs
accepts 8ft & 9ft guidon poles only

Guidon Base
Guidon Stand 17 lbs.
silver painted

Guidon Pole Adaptor
Guidon pole adaptor pictured above
Replacement Adaptor - $19.90
Guidon Staff Base
Special Chrome Guidon Stand
cast iron, chrome plated
14" diameter, 11" shaft, 32 lbs.
Guidon Staff Adaptor- 3 way
3 way adaptor for guidon stand
for use with Special Guidon Stand only
Chrome plated, holds 3 flagpoles
Average ground shipping on chrome guidon stands = $32.50 /stand due to weight
please call for price & freight quote on quantities

Campaign Streamer Holders and Award Ribbon Holders for Military Guidon Staffs
These streamer and ribbon holders are designed to fit military guidon staffs available on this page.

Campaign Streamer Holder – silver plated glossy
Sterling silver-plated ring attachment for campaign streamers.
Note: These fit only with Army Spear Ornaments.

15 rings, silver finish - $66.95
Inside hole diameter = 1/2"
Outside diameter = 2-3/8"

streamer holder
18 rings, (Army), silver finish - $69.95
Inside hole diameter = 5/8"
Outside diameter = 3-3/8"

Campaign Streamer Holder

Ribbon Holder using mini-carabiners

Award Ribbon Holder
Award Ribbon Holders

Metal device in gold or silver fits top of wood poles or 1" aluminum poles.
Place disk under ornament.
Inside hole diameter = 7/8"; Outside diameter = 3 1/2"
Gold finish – $44.95
Silver finish – $39.95

Campaign Streamer Holder
Mini-Carabiner (size 1.56"x .56"). Double gated.

Stainless steel miniature carabiners
w/ dual spring gates.
For quantities of 6-18 streamers - $3.25 each

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